Balance is the key

For me it was important to have the click with a trainer that could understand me and my issues and also speak to me in English. Juliette has amazing skills at reading body language but more importantly in my case sometimes I felt she could read my mind and knew what I needed from the assignment. For me it was all about feeling more confident, building strength and finding balance.

During the assignment I started to practice that balance is the key to a happier life. I have always know this but I was not living my life in this way. I think true strength lies in balance and Juliette helped me to see that very clearly. What I liked most was the communication during our sessions and connecting the exercises and actions to mental well-being that was very important to me. I have worked with a few trainers in the past but none have helped me in the way Juliette did. It felt like a very mindful personal training which helped me build some confidence back as well as well as strength and being more mindful. Overall an amazing experience and if you are searching for a mind workout as well as body Juliette is the right woman.